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Tracing Eisenman
상품코드 : DF-DS-1713
카테고리 : 외국-작가별건축
출판사 : Thames & Hudson
ISBN : 0-500-34225-3
페이지수 : 400
커버 : Hardcover
사이즈 : 225 x 276
출판년도 : 2006
사용언어 : English
소비자가 : 120,000원
판매가 : 60,000
배송료 : 무료
주문수량 :
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따끈따끈한 피터 아이젠만의 작품집이 출간되었습니다!!!

Greg Lynn, Sarah Whiting, Stan Allen, and Guido Zuliani 의 에세이와 함께 약 600컷의 방대한 삽화(노트, 도면, 모형 등)를 담아 지금까지의 작품들을 정리한 책입니다.

Perhaps more than any other architect practicing today, Peter Eisenman has made a career out of devising a dialectic of oppositions in architecture. With references to societal alienation and existing architectural forms, his work derives much from Friedrich Nietzsche, Noam Chomsky, and Jacques Derrida. He led the loosely knit group of architects known as "The New York Five" (which included John Hejduk, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, and Richard Meier), who made an effort to introduce a theory and artistry of modernist architecture as rigorous as that of the European avant-garde. This is the first comprehensive single-volume overview ever published on Eisenman's buildings and projects, from his first work, House I (1960), to his most recent projects, currently under construction in Spain and Germany. The book includes all the projects Eisenman has created, with essays from international architects and critics, including Greg Lynn, Sanford Kwinter, and Stan Allen.Eisenman currently teaches at New York's Cooper Union and at Princeton University. He has designed a wide range of projects, including the Wexner Center at Ohio State University, which received a 1993 National Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects, and the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, which opened in spring 2005.

About the Author
Cynthia Davidson is the founder and director of The Any Foundation and editor of its book and magazine publications. She has recently launched log, a periodical that presents issues in architectural theory and criticism.

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